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Master of Science in Chemical Engineering


The Department of Chemical Engineering at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) is a leading department and it was ranked by QS Ranking in the top 51-100 in 2020. The department offers graduate programs leading to Master of Science, Master of Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The programs are designed to broaden and strengthen scientific and engineering knowledge of the graduates. The department is committed to prepare the students perusing a successful professional career in different areas such as academia, research and development, process design and management. The graduate programs are focused on the key areas of Chemical Engineering such as Energy, Petrochemicals and Environment studies.

The Saudi petrochemical industry is vital to the Kingdom’s non-oil economy. The contribution of chemical knowledge and expertise in the industry of Saudi Arabia is growing significantly. In value terms, chemical and plastic exports from Saudi Arabia amounted to SR115 billion ($30 billion) in 2015, comprising a substantial 60 percent share of total non-oil exports. The growth in manpower in the industry that is related to refined petroleum products, chemicals, rubber and plastic, minerals and basic metals is exceeding 200,000 according to a report from the Saudi Industrial Development Fund. Major Saudi companies such as Saudi Aramco and SABIC aim to develop fuels that are more efficient and produce base chemicals, respectively. These two reasons are the main motivation to hire well-trained and qualified chemical engineers for decades. We believe that our chemical engineering graduates have the required qualifications to play a significant role in oil and gas sector, petrochemicals, energy, and environment. The recruitment of trained highly qualified researchers in the Saudi petrochemical sector is expected to be getting higher in the coming years due to the large expansion in petrochemical economy. These industries require highly trained chemical engineering graduates to play a leading role in their operations and R & D section.

Program Admission Requirements

Applicants who have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or science from an institution whose undergraduate programs are substantially equivalent in length, content and quality to those of King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, are invited to apply for admission as regular graduate students in the Department of Chemical Engineering at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals. Applicants should also satisfy the general admission requirements of the Graduate School