Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is defined as the profession of development, design, and operation of chemical plants as well as safe, economic, sustainable industrial production. It employs chemical and physical principles for the design of processes and the conversion of raw materials into valuable products for the economic, environmental, and societal benefits of humankind. The chemical conversions involve the preparation of useful products in large quantities using basic thermodynamics and chemical kinetics, which govern reactions. Physical conversions utilize unit operations, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and mass transfer to separate the reactant products into useful pure chemicals. All these subjects are used in the design of chemical plants and refineries.


The Department of Chemical Engineering will be the Department of choice and will be recognized as one of the top research and graduate chemical engineering departments in the Kingdom and abroad.


The mission of the Department of Chemical Engineering at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals is ‘to contribute to the thriving economy and vibrant society by offering an innovative, challenging and flexible educational programs’. Chemical Engineering programs are designed to provide high level academic and professional skills by promoting lifetime learning, planning, communication, problem solving and leadership.