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Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering


The Ph.D. program in the chemical engineering department is designed to provide very advanced academic and professional knowledge and skill for students who have completed the Master’s degree with a high level of achievement, normally a GPA of 3.0 or better. The Ph.D. curriculum is designed to develop advanced understanding transport phenomena, thermodynamics, and reaction engineering. Furthermore, candidates will have the opportunity to develop their expertise in top-notch fields such as catalysis, polymers, membranes, phase equilibria, modeling and simulation through a range of coursework and dissertation projects.

Program Admission Requirements

Applicants who hold an MS/equivalent degree in Chemical Engineering from a university of recognized standing may be admitted to the doctoral program, provided they satisfy the Graduate School’s requirements for Ph.D. admission. Applicants should provide evidence of a suitable scientific background to enter the proposed field and should make up any deficiencies in their prior program within two semester of enrollment.