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Master of Science in Applied Statistics


During the past two decades, the economic structure of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia developed in all aspects. On top of that the rapid development of computer technology has led to an increase in the use of statistics as a tool for analyzing data across all disciplines. Statistics has become an integral part of any research and/or development program. This program aims at supplying the market with advanced graduates equipped with both theoretical and applied statistical expertise. There is substantial demand among students and various entities within the community for this program.

Program Admission Requirements

Admission to the MS Program in Applied Statistics requires fulfilling all requirements of the College of Graduate and Interdisciplinary Studies, for example IELTS/TOEFL. For admission to the MS program in Applied Statistics, an undergraduate degree in Mathematics or Statistics is not necessary. An applicant, however, must have the equivalent of MATH 101, MATH 102, MATH 201, and STAT 201. Moreover, an applicant with a non-statistics degree must take STAT 500 to remedy the deficiency.