Actuarial Science and Financial Mathematics
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Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science and Financial Mathematics


Actuarial Science and Financial Mathematics program manages risk in the financial and government sector and industries. The curriculum particularly focuses on analyzing risk data and making informed decisions from it. It is a multidisciplinary study that combines four major areas (Mathematics, Statistics, Finance, and Insurance) into one.

A graduate of the program is able to contribute to all areas of Saudi Arabian and international financial sectors as well as government sectors where the objective of minimization of risk is the main daily focus.

Program Educational Objectives

The objective of the BS program in Actuarial Science and Financial Mathematics is to prepare students for a career as an actuary or financial risk manager. In addition, the program also prepares the students for international professional society examinations. The program has a good balance of theory, applications and data analysis, as well as carefully selected sequences of courses from computer science, economics, accounting, mathematics, statistics, finance, and risk management. This interdisciplinary approach is meant to make the program flexible and give the students a broad based education. The program also prepares students for further graduate study in any area of Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Science, Finance, or Business. ​