Bachelor of Science in Integrated Design (ITD) is an emerging interdisciplinary program that provides a comprehensive, holistic approach to design that combines and strengthens different globally renowned fields of design and design studies, such as immersive, interactive, and innovative design. The ITD Program is developed to be recognized as a reputable discipline in the region for training and preparing students with distinct skills that respond to local needs and have a long-lasting impact, locally and globally, on user experience and quality of life. The program is the first interdisciplinary design program in the region. Also, it is the first design program that is proposed to be open for male and female students in a public university in Saudi Arabia. The multidisciplinary strength of KFUPM will allow academics with different specialties from various and dynamic fields to enrich and deliver a leading design-focused program in accordance with global best practices.

The ITD Program’s alignment with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 comes from its planned goals to support technological needs by focusing on interdisciplinary fields of study of design and user experience, which eventually lead to global recognition. The multidisciplinary environment at KFUPM is conducive to the development of a design program that is practical, and research driven. The ITD Program aims to lead in providing commercialization opportunities for its entrepreneurial graduates. Furthermore, it will expand the university's expertise into new fields such as game design and development, object-oriented design, graphics, interactive and immersive design, and communication. The new Bachelor of Science in Integrated Design will be the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia and the region. Its graduates will be able to create innovative designs for some of today's most pressing issues as well as other areas that improve human living standards and quality of life.