BS-X Program

Looking for a unique academic journey that is designed by you? KFUPM's BS-X lets students go-getters tailor their studies, delve into unexplored fields, and forge unique career paths under expert guidance

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Imagine engineers who can harness AI to protect cyberspace, chemists unlocking secrets of oil fields, and builders crafting structures that withstand climate change. These are just a glimpse of the future shaped by BS-X students – visionary explorers equipped with bespoke degrees, tackling tomorrow's challenges with real-world impact.Traditionally, university programs have been divided into specific subjects and managed by departments like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and accounting. However, as new fields emerge and existing ones evolve, the lines between these subjects are becoming blurrier. Many careers and research areas now cross these boundaries, creating new opportunities for study and application. In fact, some of the most important advancements happen at the intersection of different disciplines, like engineering and medicine, or engineering and economics. The BS-X program aims to address this by putting students in the driver's seat, allowing them to design well-rounded and multidisciplinary programs that prepare them for the complex challenges faced by modern industries. This aligns with the goals of Vision 2030, which aims to create a diversified and knowledgeable Saudi workforce.

Prospective students go through the regular application process, selecting their preferred degree from the available options. During this process, they're asked if they'd like to be considered for the BS-X program. If they choose yes, they need to submit a proposal explaining their interest in BS-X and outlining their proposed degree plan. Prospective BS-X students face a two-stage admission process: conditional and full. To be conditionally admitted, they must outcompete other applicants in terms of their proposed degree plan, potential interviews and obtained scores. For full admission, they must select advisors, declare a specific major within the first semester, gain approval for their proposed degree by the second semester, and maintain first honor standing throughout freshman year. Failure to meet these requirements results in being advised to pursue their initial program choice from the application period.

A preproposal shall be submitted (Preproposal Template).

A summary of degree requirement BS-X:

Area Credit Hours
Math & Science Flexible
General Studies 22
Digital and Business Foundation 12
Major Depth Flexible that include:Research oriented course (2+).Summer training (1)Senior design project (3)Appropriate proportions for 3xx and 4xx level courses
Total 128-130

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