The Department of Chemistry at KFUPM is one of the premier chemistry programs in the Middle East. Our department is recognized for its innovative research and for producing highly trained graduates.

The chemist is a professional scientist who specializes in some specific area of chemistry. He can either be involved in research or in the utilization of our natural resources. As a research chemist, he studies the ways in which matter changes and how to develop new materials to improve our living conditions. The chemist may be an analytical chemist who performs a variety of tasks such as, to analyze water, air, or petroleum samples, to determine the composition of a newly discovered substance, or to identify the materials in a crime investigation. An inorganic chemist synthesizes and characterizes materials like alloys, semiconductors, superconductors, glasses, catalysts, and inorganic pharmaceuticals. An organic chemist is concerned with the syntheses of new materials such as plastics, pharmaceutical products, or other commercial chemicals from various other chemicals or from natural resources and he studies the chemical properties of various carbon compounds. A physical chemist applies physics principles to the structure of matter and the process of chemical changes. An environmental chemist can investigate the conditions of pollution, monitor pollutants and assess hazardous effects. There are many other branches of chemistry, such as petroleum chemistry, biochemistry, nanochemistry and electrochemistry.

Chemistry graduates are expected to contribute to the academic, civil service and industrial development of the Kingdom by working in educational institutions, in government and in private institutions responsible for public health and safety of the environment, or in one of the many industries whose products or processes involve chemical technology. These areas include: schools and technical colleges, water authorities, desalination plants, agencies for environment protection, the standards and specifications bureau; the vast petroleum, petrochemical and mining industries scattered all over the Kingdom; as well as the many smaller industries whose products or processes involve chemical technology. Chemistry graduates are also expected to form the backbone of the various research centers that are emerging in the Kingdom whether related to government organizations such as agriculture, health, petroleum, commerce (standards and quality control) or to private organizations. Industrial research centers, in particular, are envisaged to supplement huge industrial complexes to utilize manpower trained under the above programs of studies.


The Chemistry Department at KFUPM aspires to excel in chemical education, research and services.


The Chemistry Department is committed to prepare competitive and professional graduates within an innovative and intellectually stimulating environment, support other academic programs at KFUPM by offering quality chemistry learning experiences, conduct basic and applied research of national and international impact, build proactive partnerships with industry and offer effective training and educational and technical services to the society.