Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

The Computer Engineering Department (COE) was established in 1986. It offers a program leading to a BS degree in Computer Engineering, a program leading to an MS degree in Computer Engineering, a program leading to an MS degree in Computer Networks, and a program leading to a PhD degree in Computer Engineering.

Computer Engineering (COE) is the discipline concerned with the design, analysis, modeling and implementation of computers and networks systems. Both the software and the hardware aspects of these systems are studied in a balanced and coherent manner. As such, it is of interest and in demand locally in Saudi Arabia, regionally in the Middle East, and internationally worldwide.

The Computer Engineering program at KFUPM develops the necessary skills and competences required to design and implement computer systems and networks. The two focus areas of computer systems and computer networks are deemed as most important for the local job market (present and future). All COE core courses establish the required foundation for these two areas. Students can pursue one or a combination of these areas through electives which are all aligned with these two areas. In addition, sufficient emphasis is given to the study of computer science to provide a coherent view of computer systems and an understanding of the interdependencies of hardware and software components and their interfaces and tradeoffs. Furthermore, the COE program equips the students with many non-technical engineering skills and knowledge essential for their professional practice.

The Computer Engineering program is serving the Kingdom's critical need for computer professionals who can design and implement computer systems and networks. The graduates of the COE program are expected to play a key role in the Kingdom's transition to a knowledge-based economy by harnessing the benefits of IT technology in the different fields of governmental administrations, and manufacturing and service sectors.


The vision of the COE Department is to become a recognized center of excellence in providing quality education and technical services, as well as in advancing computing technologies through innovative research.


The mission of the computer engineering program at KFUPM is to develop and train the human intellect needed for meeting the continued technological advances in the discipline of computer engineering and IT-related areas. This includes graduating well-trained computer engineers to participate in the industrial development currently taking place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.