College of Computing and Mathematics

College of Computing and Mathematics

The College of Computing and Mathematics was established in 1986. It symbolizes the desire to make computing a centerpiece of its education and research activities in the 21st century. Its main lines of business include: Information & Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Mathematics.


To be a globally recognized college in Computing and Mathematics, known for its distinguished graduates and world-class research.


The College of Computing and Mathematics is committed to:

  • Graduate competent professionals.
  • Conduct innovative research that advances the frontiers of knowledge and addresses local and global problems.
  • Engage with society in value-adding activities.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Prepare competent qualified graduates in the areas of the college line of business that exceed customer requirements.
  2. Provide up-to-date current academic programs that meet international standards and satisfy market needs.
  3. Provide a student-focused integrated educational experience.
  4. Establish the basis of Digital & Artificial Intelligence Foundation and Mathematical background for university students.
  5. Build a strong, motivated, and highly committed faculty community.
  6. Attract, maintain, and develop a qualified pool of undergraduate and graduate students.
  7. Conduct research at the frontiers of knowledge in the areas specified in the college line of business with emphasis on areas that serve and sustain the Kingdom’s economic development.
  8. Create and encourage partnership with industry, government, local/ international institutions, and alumni.
  9. Continuously build and modernize the college infrastructure including computing facilities and laboratories.
  10. Retrain current professionals in the workforce on emerging digital technologies and inject them back into the industry to support the digital transformation of the Kingdom.