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English Language Department

The English Language Department (ELD) consists of a Chairman and a teaching faculty of 28 lecturers. The department program offers three undergraduate-level English language courses: English 101 (Introduction to Academic Discourse), English 102 (Introduction to Report Writing), and English 214 (Academic & Professional Communication).

English 101 is a freshman English course that marks a transition from the Preparatory English Program (PEP) to undergraduate English studies. The primary aim of this course is to introduce students to an academic approach to thinking, reading, speaking, writing and language usage in an integrated, meaningful manner such that they are able to apply the skills learnt to their departmental studies. In addition, the ENGL 101 course aims to further develop the linguistic accuracy and range in English that students have acquired in their Preparatory Year.

The ENGL 102 and 214 courses concentrate on consolidating students’ academic approach to thinking, reading, speaking, writing and language usage, as initiated in ENGL 101. In addition, the ENGL102 and 214 courses aim to develop and expand on the students’ abilities to synthesize and evaluate information and conduct basic, independent research leading to the writing of a report. Additionally, in English 214, students are taught professional skills such as business correspondence, job interviewing, and multimedia presentations.

In all three courses, students will be expected to take on varying degrees of responsibility for their own learning and to perform a number of independently based tasks and activities outside the classroom. Indeed, the focus of all courses will be on students learning rather than teachers teaching.


Our vision is the continuous development of our faculty and teaching curricula in order to equip the University’s graduates with outstanding English language communication skills that will enhance the University’s reputation and help make KFUPM graduates the most sought-after recruits nationally and regionally.


The mission of the English Language Department is to provide the University’s undergraduate students with the English language skills necessary to succeed in academic and professional life.