College of General Studies

College of General Studies

The College of General Studies (CGS) was established in 2007 to provide core courses in disciplines not covered by the other colleges. The College is responsible for developing in all KFUPM students the crucial knowledge, skills, attributes and values to be competitive in the market place and to realize their role as leaders in their communities. Through its programs and the courses offered, the College provides University students with the opportunities to expand their horizons and vision, reinforce their ethical and moral values, develop their communication skills and enhance their personal characteristics and positive behavior. The College is committed to having a major influence on KFUPM graduates by maintaining close contact with both students and academic departments, and by continuously assessing and developing its programs and courses to accommodate the changing needs and conditions required to accomplish its set objectives and goals.

The College comprises one program: the Preparatory Year Program (PYP); and three supporting academic departments: the Islamic and Arabic Studies Department; the Physical Education Department; and the English Language Department. The Departments offer courses that are core requirements for all KFUPM students.


To be a leading multidisciplinary platform for fostering academic and professional success, excellence in research, and community service.


  • To prepare students for success at KFUPM and beyond.
  • To train students for successful and leadership roles in society by providing them with foundational skills and values.
  • To contribute to national development by exceling in community service and research.

Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives of the College of General Studies are to:

  • Build a highly qualified national and international faculty body
  • Develop students' English language proficiency to successfully pursue their undergraduate education and future careers.
  • Improve student retention rate in the Preparatory Year Program
  • Cultivate students’ knowledge in social sciences and humanities as well as values, skills, and attitudes
  • Excel in community-related research and services