Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) department was established in July 2021 to offer both graduate and undergraduate degrees in the field of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). The MSE department is the first department in the Kingdom and in the Gulf region to offer a bachelor degree in Materials Science and Engineering. Materials Science and engineering is an interdisciplinary field that studies the interrelationships between the structure, processing, properties and performance of wide range of materials (i.e. metals and alloys, polymers and plastics, ceramics and glasses, composites and hybrids). MSE has become a key discipline in the competitive global economy ‎and is recognized as one of the technical disciplines. Graduates from the MSE programs contain the knowledge to characterize, process and manipulate these relationships in order to enhance the performance of existing materials as well as create innovative new materials.


The MSE Department aspires to be a leader in providing world-class Materials Science and Engineering education and research.


The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is committed to providing the highest quality education in materials science and engineering, to conduct world-class basic and applied research, to address the evolving needs of industry and society, and to support the development of more competitive, and new, industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.