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Physical Education

Health education is a social science that draws its principles from the biological, environmental, psychological, physical, and medical sciences to promote health and prevent disease, disability and premature death through education-driven, voluntary, behavior-change activities. Knowing how to live healthily is the secret for living a good life. This is more important in today’s society, where unhealthy diets such as fast food and unhealthy habits such as playing computer games and drug abuse are prominent. It is also necessary that students know and are able to keep themselves healthy by not giving into these external influences. Health Education develops in the students a positive attitude to take care of their health and not to neglect it and provides opportunities to apply this knowledge and practice good health habits on themselves that will last them a lifetime.

The initiation of physical education courses and activities in the realm of educational pursuits at KFUPM has contributed to shape the destiny of many brilliant students in making their life healthy, peaceful, and enjoyable. As the idiom “A sound mind in a sound body” goes, there should be a balance between brawn and brain, and this is a vital factor that leads to tranquility, peace, friendship, comradeship, serenity, and above all to the wellness of an individual.

KFUPM is the only university in the whole Gulf region to make physical education compulsory for students during their time at the university. Students must undergo three physical education courses during their time at KFUPM, two during the preparatory year and one during the undergraduate years; in addition, there are two special courses for students with special needs are equivalent to the undergraduate courses.


To aspire to be the leader in providing the best physical education activities to combat stress and other related diseases, which are the bane of life today. The department will be at the forefront of inculcating healthy habits and providing the knowledge of how to avoid addictive behavior leading to a deterioration in health. The department aims to contribute to society by promoting the health of the nation’s citizens.


The Department’s mission is to provide a solid foundation for the future life of the students through appropriate physical education programs and health-related issues, which will inculcate fitness and wellness in their lifestyles and thereby enhance the quality of their life.