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Bachelor of Architecture


The emphasis of architecture program is on architectural design and the application of information technology in design. This emphasis is reflected in the curriculum by the offer of eight sequential semesters of Design Studios backed by lectures in the following essential subject groups:

  • ​Theory and History of Architecture
  • Structures and Building Systems
  • Construction Materials, Methods, and Systems
  • Mechanical and Environmental Support Systems
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Professional Practice

The program also offers the opportunity for minor specialization in the following areas:

  • Computer Aided Design
  • Urban Design
  • Regional Architecture

Program Educational Objectives

The ARC Department at KFUPM is deeply committed to ensuring that every program’s graduate meets the goals and learning objectives necessary to achieve the highest level of excellence in all their future endeavors. The program’s graduates should develop creative solutions to architecture-related problems within a greater societal context by doing the following:

  1. Practice Architecture profession with confidence, global competitiveness, and superior work ethics and character.
  2. Apply professional knowledge, technical skills, and integrate design, technology, entrepreneurship, social sciences, and arts to produce efficient, ethical, creative, and sustainable architectural design solutions.
  3. Demonstrate high proficiency in creative and critical thinking, design thinking skills, communication, and solving complex design problems.
  4. Pursue independent and life-long learning to meet evolving built environment and architectural challenges facing complex modern societies.
  5. Be able to pursue advanced study and research at the graduate level.