Information and Computer Science

Information and Computer Science

The Information and Computer Science (ICS) Department at KFUPM was established in September 1979 and it developed and evolved over the years to become one of the most active departments of the University in teaching, research, and service to the University. Moreover, the ICS Department is recognized throughout the Gulf region and many parts of the world for its excellence in education and research. The Department provides two 4-year undergraduate programs leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering.

The two programs can be broadly defined as the study of the phenomena surrounding computing and computers. It involves the study of the theoretical principles, design and implementation of computer systems. As computers have become part of day-to-day activities, the demand for specialized professionals in the area has increased significantly.

To help meet these demands, KFUPM has established undergraduate programs that relate directly to computer science and focus on theory, design, and applications. The programs have both academic and professional orientations. Thus, they enable graduates to meet the challenges they will face in real-life applications, research and advanced studies in computer science. The programs are designed to provide several important features:

  1. Breadth and depth. The programs have a set of core courses that provide breadth in the field. Additional specialized courses and electives are chosen to provide depth in the programs.
  2. Balance. Theoretical core courses and software/hardware are joined in theory and in practice through integrated lecture and laboratory sequences.
  3. Flexibility. The curricula are flexible and provide opportunities for students to emphasize specific areas of interest through their choice of appropriate technical and ICS elective courses.


To be a regional leader that is recognized worldwide in education, research and professional development in the areas of Computer Science and Software Engineering.


The mission of ICS department is to:

  • Provide high quality undergraduate and graduate educational programs in Computer science and Software Engineering,
  • Contribute significantly to the research and the discovery of new knowledge and methods in computing,
  • Offer expertise, resources, and services to the community, and
  • Keep its faculty members current by providing opportunities for professional development.