College of Design and Built Environment

College of Design and Built Environment

The College of Design and Built Environment (previously named College of Environmental Design) was established during the 1400 – 1401H (1980-1981) academic year to meet the large demand for professionals in the construction industry and related fields, resulting from the extensive ongoing construction program throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The College was established to bring together the academic programs that are mainly concerned with the built environment to prepare students for professional practice in Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering and Management, and City Planning. The College has four departments: Architectural Engineering and Construction Management, Architecture and City Design, Civil and Environmental Engineering (recently joined CDB in 2021), and Integrated Design (established in 2023). The College offers Bachelor’s degrees in Architectural Engineering, Smart and Sustainable Cities, Integrated Design, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Science. Master of Science degrees in Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Construction Engineering and Management, Civil and Environmental Engineering. Masters of: Engineering Management, Project Management, Sustainability and Environmental Management, Facilities Management, Smart and Sustainable Cities, Environmental Engineering and Science. The College also offers a Ph.D. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering.


The College of Design & Built Environment has a vision to be the premier center for excellence in environmental design education, research, and community service that actively addresses needs of stakeholders and society at large.


The mission of the College of Design and Built Environment are:

  • Prepare professionals who provide leadership in planning, designing, and constructing sustainable physical built environment through innovative pedagogy, rigorous research, and productive outreach.
  • Improve the quality of life through innovative design solutions, advanced digital technologies, and ethical environmental and economic values with the purpose of realizing the highest potential for intellectual and human development
  • Drive innovation in design and technology entrepreneurship
  • Meet new engineering challenges and pursue opportunities in local and global markets.

Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives of College of Design and Built Environment are to:


Respond to changes and current issues (i.e., sustainability, etc.) and accommodate emerging technologies to foster academic excellence.

Update and develop academic programs to address contemporary/emerging issues.

Develop/Enhance state-of-the-art facilities in the college to serve as drivers in construction materials, sustainable design, built environment, and other interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary topics.

Integrate college programs, resources, and facilities to foster quality and efficiency.

Increase/Enhance college visibility and academic recognition and prestige.

Attract and retain good standing freshman students and Produce quality and intellectually resilient graduates

Attract and retain sufficient quality and high caliber faculty/technical staff

Produce impactful research

Support the university and contribute to the realization of the Kingdom’s vision and its endeavor to create impact and value to the Kingdom.

Address societal issues

Participate in the new megaprojects of the Kingdom.

Utilize research outcomes to serve the community through startups and entrepreneurship.

Engage/Involve industries, government, and non-government agencies to sustain collaborative and productive relationships.

Support industry-related research

Engage industry in academic and extra-curricular activities

Serve as a hub for innovative built-environment solution