Architectural Engineering and Construction Management

Architectural Engineering and Construction Management

The Architectural Engineering and Construction Engineering Department (AECM) successfully supplied both government and private sectors with many high-quality Engineers. The AECM first undergraduate program was rooted back to year 1975 where it was founded initially under the College of Engineering Sciences, and then was shifted, in 1980, to another college formally known as the College of Environmental Design (restructured as the College of Design and Built Environment (CDB) in 2021).

AECM offers fundamental programs and courses in three main areas, namely: Architectural Engineering and Building Science; Construction Engineering and Automation; Engineering/Project management. The Architectural Engineering and Building Science covers: Building Mechanical/Indoor Environmental Systems; Building Electrical Systems, and Energy-Efficiency; Construction and Structural Systems and Innovative Building Materials. Construction Engineering and Automation covers: Construction Productivity/ Modular Construction and Systems Optimization; Building Information Modeling (BIM) & Lean Construction; Systems Dynamics and autonomous unmanned machinery/ Remote Sensing; and Human/Machine Hybrid Systems. The Engineering/Project Management covers areas related to the AECM graduate programs.


We aspire to be a center of outstanding innovation, research excellence, and educational hub, in Architectural Engineering and Building Science, Construction Engineering and Automation, and Engineering/Project Management;


To contribute to the global knowledge economy and its future societal needs in the sustainable built environment through:

(1) Delivering quality educational programs,

(2) Training and fostering talents and future leaders and

(3) Conducting Impactful multidisciplinary research.

(4) Liaising with industry, professional societies and bodies of knowledge.