Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is one of the most important strategic fields in the world from at least two aspects: first, its effect on the infrastructure of the country such as air transportation, civil aviation, industry, and economy; second, its relevance to defence issues including Air Force and Air Defence.

The aviation market in the middle east, a main industry attraction for AE graduate students, has consistently outperformed most of the regional markets in the past decade since the establishment of the AE BS Program. Between 2012 and 2032 growth in air passenger and cargo traffic in the region is expected to outperform all other regions in the world. Growth is also driven by establishment of new aerospace engineering companies and government organizations that cater to both civil and defence related sectors in the Kingdom. Also, the AE department aspires to contribute in one of the aims of Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which is to involve industry experts and national academic institutions in exchanging knowledge and technology to build national expertise in the fields of manufacturing, maintenance, repair, research and development of aerospace defence industry.


The Aerospace Department at KFUPM aims at being a distinguished department known for its world-class competitive graduates, cutting edge research, leadership in aerospace engineering education, and professional society-related services.


The mission of the AE department is:

  • to graduate leaders who are knowledgeable and equipped with the required professional skills to solve standing and emerging challenges.
  • to provide excellent environment for education to support active learning and critical thinking.
  • to provide a leading-edge research in collaboration with academic and industrial stakeholders.