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Bachelor of Science in Management


The mission of the Bachelor of Science program in Management program at KFUPM Business School, is to produce graduates who will play leading roles in managing and leading organizations they work for or function effectively in management-related positions in a variety of contexts both local and global. The program focuses on the principles, concepts, policies, guidelines and procedures needed for measuring and analyzing management information for effective decision-making, and for implementing and controlling plans for effective and efficient performance at the individual, team and overall organizational levels.

Program Educational Objectives

The undergraduate program of Bachelor of Science (BS) in Management is designed to graduate students who are expected to attain (within a few years) of graduation the following PEOs:

  1. Ability to communicate business ideas effectively both orally and in writing.
  2. Ability to apply interpersonal and collaborative abilities effectively as a member or a leader of a team in performing group task in business and professional organizations.
  3. Analytical/ quantitative abilities to make sound business decisions.
  4. Ability to develop integrative and applied learning skills.
  5. Ability to recognize ethical and multicultural issues and assess their impact on organizations.
  6. Ability to apply concepts and theories from business functional areas appropriately.
  7. Awareness and understanding of management concepts, principles and theories.
  8. Ability to apply management area concepts, principles and theories appropriately.
Student Outcomes

The Management (BS) students by the time of graduation will have the ability to:

  1. Students will be able to explain the role of management in organizations and society.
  2. Students will be able to explain the principles and theories underlying modern management thinking and practice.
  3. Students will be able to explain the responsibilities and challenges facing management in organizations and society at large.
  4. Students will be able to apply the management process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.
  5. Students will be able to draw appropriate implementation plans for the strategies.
  6. Students will be able to use the data available from the scientific-based research to formulate strategies and solutions to business-related problems.
  7. Students will be able to design and conduct basic-level management-related research studies, evaluate, and use third-party business research studies for effective managerial decision making.