Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Curriculum has been designed to provide graduates with carefully balanced needs covering ‎basic science, engineering principles, and contemporary techniques. The first year of the program is ‎designed to build competency in the basic sciences and to introduce engineering as a ‎profession. The following two years are intended to allow the student to learn the essential elements ‎of the field using experimental, computational, and statistical methods. The final year shall allow the ‎students to get specialized in an area of interest by selecting appropriate elective courses in ‎addition to two-semester capstone senior design project. The four elective courses offer an opportunity to ‎satisfy a concentration requirement in line ‎with ‎the KSA vision and ‎industry needs. This enables students to tackle materials related ‎challenges in the petroleum, gas, ‎petrochemical and basic industries‎‏.‏‎ The MSE elective courses ‎ ‎are grouped in five areas: Computational Materials Design, Corrosion and Degradation, ‎Nonmetallic, Metallurgy ‎and Mining, Energy and Water.‎ The program offers mandatory digital enabling courses like artificial ‎intelligence (AI) and data ‎‎sciences/analytics as well as a business course to introduce students to the ‎basics of business ‎and ‎entrepreneurship for possible spin-off companies.