As the name implies, Architectural Engineering is related to both architecture as well as engineering. However, Architectural Engineering as a discipline is distinguished from Architecture by its emphasis on the technology and engineering aspects related to Building Design, Construction and Operation. Since its establishment, the Department has successfully supplied both government and private sectors with many high-quality Architectural Engineers.

The curriculum places strong emphasis on studies related to each of the building technology and engineering areas such as: Building Structural and Environmental Control Systems. The curriculum also requires courses in building materials, construction systems and architectural design, construction management, building economics and computer applications in building design. Within the above general framework, the student can orient his study in the senior year to concentrate on one of the following specific areas:

Building Structural Systems

  1. Building Structural Systems
  2. Building Environmental Control Systems

(i.e. Building Mechanical Systems, Electrical and Lighting Systems)

3. Construction and Maintenance Management (i.e. Construction/Const Mgmt)

The emphasis is selected by the student and is made at the beginning of the senior year by which time he would have completed most of the fundamental courses in all the above areas.

The plan of study in Architectural Engineering consists of 128 credit hours of course work, which include essentially the same basic requirements as other engineering programs in the areas of physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering science and social science and humanities. The student is offered two opportunities to gain practical experience during his study. He can spend 8 weeks during summer or he may choose to spend 15 weeks in a more intensive Internship program in the building industry. The student is expected to finish the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in 4 years in addition to one year spent in the Orientation Program.

  • Program Accreditation

The undergraduate program Bachelor of Science (BS) in “Architectural Engineering” is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET (